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The 5 secrets you will never know about Inversion Therapy

Written By Guest Post on June 30, 2018


Inversion therapy is the practice where a person is inverted upside down to stretch out the spine and reduce back pain. The idea of the therapy is by changing the gravity of the body making the back easy at the same time giving the ultimate grip to spine. In other words, it is one of the best therapies to get rid of the back pain, sciatica, improper circulation, etc.

The best inversion tabletherapy is totally based on the availability of the equipments. These equipment’s help in optimum stretching of your back.

Wonders that Inversion Therapy can do

Several researches and studies have concluded that inversion therapy is the most effective way to eliminate back pain, improve blood circulation and enhance joint health. In fact, many doctors nowadays recommend their patients to try this as a natural remedy.

Here are the lists of magic which you will never know about the inversion therapy.

  1. Put an end to Back Pain

Studies show that more and more people are getting inclined to the therapy to get rid of chronic back pain. The usage of the inversion tables are the most inexpensive means to stay away from back pain.

At the inverted position, gravity tenderly de-constricts the spine and lessens pressure. This mild stretch splits the vertebrae as well as develops the spinal fitness. Thus,

  • The pressure of the nerve is reduced
  • Stress muscles get relaxed
  • The discs never gets dehydrated
  • The spine gets back to its original alignment

Investing few minutes of your daily routine on this stretch will indeed put an end to chronic back pain.

  1. Improvement of Joint Health

At the time of inversion therapy you will undergo through a decompression stage which prevents in drying up of the lubricants presents in between joints. Hence, it influences the pressure created on joints. This in turn, boosts the “synovial fluid” which nourishes the cartilages of the joints with essential nutrients.

The fluids perk up the functions such as “shock absorption” besides enhancing the health of the joints. Maintenance of joint fluid is essential for the older group adults who are prone to joint dehydration.



  1. Enhancing the Core Strength

The inversion tables can be considered as the core strengthening exercise equipments of all time. With stretches like angular stretches or inversion stretches, you can push yourself to carry out sit ups to improve the strength of core abdomen area.

Performing crunches in such tables is challenging rather than performing it on mats. These crunches are more effective in terms of results as well. In order to perform such exercises all you need to do is to follow the safety measures.

  1. An Effective Stress Buster

One of the major causes of pain in neck shoulders and back is stress. When the muscles get stressed they cause coalition problems in the vertebral column. These alignments make the body difficult to flush out the toxins. Moreover, such over stress can result in nerve overstimulation.

Almost every doctor believes in the fact that stress is the one of the major reasons of muscle tension. The muscles get freed from stress naturally and gradually at the time of inverted posture eliminating issue like muscle cramps.

  1. Enhance Flexibility

If your body has proper flexibility oxygen, nutrients and blood will circulated freely within the body. On the other hand, when your body is tensed, stiff and tight the movements are paused. This is the time when you are about to feel unhealthy and sick. Inflexibility or stiff muscles can lead to body imbalance and mobility issues which may cause an injury.

On using the inversion table you gently stretch your spine and increase the flexibility of the same. With this stretch you will be benefitted from the following:

  • Decompression of your joints
  • Improvement of mobility
  • Elongation of your muscles

The posture also helps in realignment of the spine. It also stretches the muscles that got stiff on account of improper posture. This is the reason that many people are found to have claimed that they are “taller” after taking the inversion therapy.


By now you may have tried ample of treatments and therapies for your back pain and muscle stiffness which are in vain. It is highly recommended for you to opt for the above-mentioned therapy at least once to feel the difference. It is a must have product for you if you are an elderly person because at this age the joints almost get dehydrated.

There are various kinds of inversion table available for purchase. These products come with various features from the perspective of durability, affordability and availability of space. Henceforth, if all this while you have been tensed about the price of the product sit back and relax as they are available at “pocket-pinches” prices.

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