"I can't wait to visit the chiropractor......"

We hear this all the time when patient's talk about their experience on the Pro Chiropractic HydroMassage Massage Therapy Beds. Gone are the days of feeling rushed and herded through the chiropractor's office like cattle. At Pro Chiropractic you can relax and enjoy warm waves of water melting away the stress of your day, before or after your chiropractic treatments.

Hydromassage beds Chiropractic Massage Therapy

What is “HydroMassage”?

HydroMassage allows you to enjoy a rejuvenating massage every day. You will enjoy total relaxation while remaining fully clothed, dry and comfortably supported as you are massaged by powerful waves of heated water. You are in complete control of your massage experience so you can target the areas where you need it most.

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How long is a HydroMassage session?

In as little as 10 minutes, you can start to realize the benefits of HydroMassage. After your first session, you will have a better idea of the length of massage you prefer; however, the ideal increments for a HydroMassage treatment are typically between 10 and 15 minutes.

How will I feel during my massage?

Many people say they feel totally at ease with a deep sense of peacefulness. Others report feeling invigorated. Because you have complete control of the location, depth and pressure of your massage with the digital touchscreen, your individual and customizable experience may vary.

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Are there different types of HydroMassage?

YES! And Pro Chiropractic offers you both.

The traditional HydroMassage Bed allows you to lie down completly on your back while you relax in your own private room. Massaging jets travel from head to toe, and patients tell us they feel the jets most effectively in the legs, middle back, and base of the head with the HydroBed.

The newest innovation from Hydromassage is the HydroLounge. In the HydroLounge you relax into a reclined seated position with jets again traveling from head to toe. The low back and hips are highlited in this perfect position, without sacrificing relaxation and therapy to the rest of your body. The HydroLounge is simple amazing!

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Available at Pro Chiropractic Bozeman

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Available at Pro Chiropractic Bozeman
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