Bozeman, Montana’s Advocate for the Chiropractic Health of Women and Children

Are you a woman who is planning on becoming a mother soon? Or perhaps you are a man and your significant other is planning on becoming a mother... either way, new mothers can be helped immensely by our chiropractic care.

Prior to pregnancy we can discover any imbalances that could increase exponentially during pregnancy. A small tinge of pain before pregnancy can become excruciating pain during pregnancy. We will work to align your body properly in our Bozeman office. This proactive approach could cause your pregnancy to be more comfortable, which will lead to less stress.

During pregnancy regular adjustments can help to ease joint and spinal disc pressure resulting in less pain.

Expecting mothers often experience radical changes to their bodies that can cause their center of gravity to shift. This shift often occurs because of an average weight gain of over 20 pounds and the position of the growing baby. This may cause women to develop some lower back pain during their pregnancy. If there was pre-existing lower back pain, the pregnancy can make the pain feel even worse. As the baby gets larger, the pressure on the joints increases and the curvature of the spine increases. This increase in curvature places more stress on the spinal discs possibly causing them to slip out of place. We are known throughout the Bozeman, Montana area for being the go to choice for women during their childbearing years for chiropractic care.

In the days after childbirth, a woman’s body begins to return to its normal alignment. Chiropractic visits in Bozeman during this time can help ensure proper alignment. We will work to help your body perform optimally and concisely.

When your child is born, there are some important facts that you need to be aware of... first, it is important to note that the birth canal is actually a rather small space for the baby to pass through. Sometimes unnatural means are used to assist in the birthing process that could cause trauma to the baby’s spine. We all know that during those first few years, toddlers and young children do a lot of falling and tumbling as they learn to walk and play.

Also youth sports, however innocent it may seem, can be the beginning of many back issues for kids that could be treated if caught early on by chiropractic care. Football has been singled out recently about the dangers of concussion, however the potential for spinal injuries is just as ominous. Other so called non-contact sports also have their occasional collisions that can cause back issues. We know that sports are great outlets for our children, we just have to take the necessary steps through chiropractic care to ensure their ongoing wellness

We know that children are resilient, but any of these factors could be the beginning of some long term back issues, therefore it is important get your child’s spine checked. We have an awesome track record of treating children. Our experienced Bozeman, Montana staff is well equipped in dealing with the sensitive nature of youth back injuries and preventative care. We are the leading choice for child Chiropractic care in the Bozeman, Montana, area.

We look forward to serving your children and assisting them with growing up happy and healthy.