Scoliosis is a progressive, sideways curvature of the spine. It can affect children and adults. The effects of scoliosis include: poor posture, shoulder humping, muscle weakness, and pain. In rare cases scoliosis can lead to heart and lung problems.

Scoliosis Treatment:

The goal of treatment for scoliosis is to prevent the spinal curve from getting worse and to correct or stabilize a severe spinal curve. If you or someone you know is suffering from common scoliosis symtptoms, before deciding on scoliosis surgery, we recommend that you consider our services which utilize a super corrective, non-surgical, and effective process of scoliosis treatment.

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New! - Introducing the ScoliBrace™

Pro Chiropractic is the only clinic in SW Montana providing this new scoliosis treatment using the ScoliBrace™, a unique scoliosis bracing method using the best corrective principles from other current bracing methods. Used in conjunction with 3D imaging software, BraceScan, scans of the patient are taken and the brace is customized to fit their unique measurements and needs.

Working with your doctor, you will move through a series of steps to get the best out of your custom made ScoliBrace:

1. 3D BraceScan

2. Custom Creation of ScoliBrace

3. Brace Fitting

4. Progress Reviews and Follow-Ups

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