Low Back Pain Relief

low 20back 20pain 20relief 20chiropractor 20in 20bozeman 20montanaThere are many causes of low back pain including trauma, repetitive injuries, accidents, poor posture and many other insidious (unknown) causes. If you have experience low back pain, you know that you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. You may have already tried a few outlets for low back pain relief such as over the counter pain medications, stretching and talking with your regular physician. A great option is to see a low back pain chiropractor in Bozeman, MT for treatment and advice.

Low Back Pain Chiropractors in Bozeman, MT

Chiropractors are trained to do a number of things to help alleviate your low back pain. When you first visit one of the highly trained chiropractors at Pro Chiropractic in Bozeman, MT, you can expect to give a full medical history, which can be completed online in the comfort of your home prior to your visit.

You will also be given a Chiropractic Pro Exam. The Chiropractic Pro Exam is a proprietary specialized chiropractic exam which combines orthopedic testing, functional evaluation, and chiropractic analysis with high tech diagnostic testing including digital iPad postural evaluation, dynamic TOG gait scan, and computerized range of motion testing. Your chiropractor might also order on site diagnostic testing, including digital radiographs or MSK US to help determine what treatment path is right for you.

Note: The Chiropractic Pro Exam is a thorough exam given by highly skilled and trained chiropractic physicians. We will not rush you and we will charge a reasonable fee for a great examination. If your experience with chiropractic has been a “pop-in” chiropractic joint or coupon clipper in the past, you may be surprised and pleased at all you get for a fair price at Pro Chiropractic!

These items will all help your chiropractor in Bozeman, MT decide what plan of treatment is appropriate for your particular type of low back pain. The treatment plan for pain in the lower back will vary from person to person based on severity and cause. At Pro Chiropractic you can expect relief, rehabilitation, and structural correction options from your chiropractor.You will be given an honest interpretation of your examination results, and you will never feel pressured into a plan of care. We promise to respect your goals and do everything we can to meet them.We are here to serve you.

You can expect one of the treatments for your low back pain to include manual adjustments. The chiropractor will manipulate your joints using swift, safe and measured force to help you improve the quality and even the range of your motion. The low back adjustment can be done with hands, a specialized table, or even a low force instrument, depending on your unique needs.No one is more skilled at adjusting the spine than chiropractic physicians. This will be the primary treatment path from any chiropractor, but at Pro Chiropractic in order to further your recovery, you will also receive soft tissue therapy, functional taping, rehabilitation and exercise advice to help you feel less pain and achieve full recovery.

Each chiropractor is different and they may advise different treatment plans. Some offer quick treatment with minimal evaluation, others try to sell you on yearlong adjustment programs. At Pro Chiropractic we provide a thorough examination and offer your options, respecting your goals and your budget. Do your homework and make sure you are comfortable with the overall approach your chiropractor takes. With the right planning you will quickly have relief for your lower back pain.