Kinesiology Taping

Suffering from an athletic injury, whiplash or tension headaches? Kinesio Tape, a latex-free, hypoallergenic, cotton fiber material, is used to treat a wide variety of injuries by alleviating pain, reducing inflammation, and relaxing muscles.

With a breathable, acrylic heat-activated backing designed to be just like our skin, Kinesio Tex Tape facilitates rehabilitation by both supporting your muscles and allowing them to move. While traditional athletic tape limits the range of motion to constrict muscle movement, this tape creates a bridge over the injured part of the body, allowing the patient an increased range of motion and the ability to perform movements. It has also been shown to reduce scars in some patients.

Dr. Jonathan Wilhelm, Pro Chiropractic's Lead Chiropractic Physician, is the only physician in SW Montana trained and certified in the Kinesio Taping Method, a system that should only be put in place by a specialist. Contact Pro Chiropractic today to see if Kinesiology Taping is the answer to your pain issues.

kenesio taping

Conditions Effectively Treated:

TMJ Dysfunction
Headaches (tension)
Shoulder Impingement/Subluxation
Rotator Cuff Tear
Bicipital Tendonitis
Tennis/Golfers Elbow
Compartment Syndrome
Trigger Finger
Forward Shoulder
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Shin Splits
Foot Drop
Herniated Disk
De Quervains

Low Back Sprain/Strain
Sacroiliac Sprain/Strain
Piriformis Syndrome
Quadriceps Strain
Toe Cramps
Sprained Ankle
Meniscus Tear (minor)
Osteoarthritis of Knee
Calf Cramps
Plantar Fascitis
Post Operative/Traumatic Oedema
Hamstring Strain
Bells Palsy
Frozen Shoulder