ProChiropractic Family Care

We love to see families enjoy the benefits of improved health and well-being through chiropractic care together!

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Family Care Programs to Choose From:

Half Kids’ Program:

  • Qualifying office fees are 1/2 price for children when 1 parent is a regular patient that is seen at least once a month.

Full Kids’ Program:

  • Qualifying office fees are NO charge for children when BOTH parents are regular patients that are seen at least once a month.

If you choose to discontinue care prior to the completion of your agreement or your account becomes delinquent:

Your account will be brought up-to-date at a base rate of $50.00 per adjustment, in addition to all other services which were recommended and provided to you at the usual and customary fees. Any insurance co-payment or deductible, which remains due at the time of your discontinuance, must still be paid for the services provided. Any overpayment will be refunded to you; any outstanding balance owed for services rendered must be paid to ProChiropractic within ten business days.

This agreement does not include products or services that maybe become clinically necessary. Such products and services are support pillows, spinal pelvic stabilizers (orthotics), cervical traction units, nutritional supplements, or any products purchased from independent suppliers. Recommendation of these products and services will be discussed in advance and payment is expected at the time of purchase. In addition, house calls are not included in this agreement.

*Parental account balances must be current to qualify

*Children up to 12 qualify

*Discounts are applied after insurance